Edu-care Sports Day June 2007:

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On Saturday the 16 June 2007, the pupils and staff of the Edu-Care Centre Pre-Primary school, joined their families in a Family Fun Sports morning.

Our pupils are encouraged to be independent and complete given tasks, and to develop and be aware of their large muscles. This ability is needed for outdoor play in sports and games.

Every child is encouraged to pick them themselves up when they fall, and to laugh and try again. Most importantly EVERYONE knows that he/she is a WINNER! We win by trying and giving of our best, and not always by being the first in a race.

Preparing for the Sack Race Fathers Race Under Starters Orders

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The Junior Pre-School class of three year olds showed superb confidence in their games and races. They began with a Bean Bag Relay, and progressed to Hopping and Crawling Races, Ball Pushes and Block House Building.

The Kindergarten class showed their skills as Hopping Frogs, Hungry Hopping Rabbits ( they had to hop to the “ field “ and pick a carrot, and return to the start ), Stilt Walking and a friendly Relay Race (this was very friendly – as everyone waited for the friends to catch up! )
The crowd cheers Stilt Race The Sack Race

Our Grade 0 pupils were slightly more competitive. In their Restaurant Race (they filled tumblers with water and ran with them on a tray ). Sack Race, Dressing up Race and Shape Collection ( they were all being extremely helpful to each other in finding one of each shape! instead of running to the finish )

Our final event for the pupils was a Pass the Ball Relay. The teachers joined the Grade 0 pupils, and we made two long lines. The balls were passed under legs and over heads. I think that the children enjoyed this game more than any other.
And the Race begins Hopping Under Starters Orders

Whilst children sat in the sun and ate their packet of treats, big and small brothers and sisters ran Sack Races and Egg and Spoon.

It was then time for the parents to join in as competitors.

Our pupils have been extremely excited for the past month as they waited to watch their parent’s race!

As we know, children love to watch their parents trip and fall and generally be silly !

Our parents did not let us down

Mothers and Aunties cheated their way through the Egg and Spoon Race, and ran holding their children like mommy kangaroos. Several mothers were overheard promising to put their children on an immediate diet!

Fathers and Uncles ran carrying their child on shoulders – no easy task with some of our big Grade 0 boys. Fathers were not as talented in the Sack Race as their children. Some complained that the sack wasn’t big enough, whilst one clever chap ran with the sack like an apron!

However, once they had their lollipops as rewards, they were ready to try again.

The teachers and I are very grateful to our wonderful parents and friends and many ex-pupils, who all joined in the fun and made this morning successful. Having been involved with Pre-School education in for over 26 years now, it really warmed my heart to see past pupils sharing fun with their children.

Enjoy the photos!