The Aim of Edu-care:

The schools aim is to prepare pupils for Grade One of Primary School. Our programme enables a smooth transition into primary school.

The pupils programme of work will begin in the Junior Class and gradually be extended through Kindergarten to Grade 0. The growth and development of each child is closely monitored and children are encouraged to progress when ready.

A fully integrated programme is offered by caring and competent teachers dedicated to teaching young children.

An outcomes-based education curriculum is followed, aimed at the achievement of high levels of knowledge, skills and values through the setting of very high standards. The year is one of discovery, following integrated programmes of Literacy, Numeracy and Life Skills.

Children are continually assessed and twice yearly observation reports given to parents.

Parents are encouraged to participate in their child's education, through the use of the school Library and our monthly Open Days, when parents are invited to join their child in class. A Family Fun Day of sports and games is an extremely popular event on the Winter Calendar, in which Parents, Grand-parents, siblings and friends participate.

Pupils families and friends are invited to join us in celebrating the joy of Christmas with a Nativity Play and School Leavers Ceremony.

Interested parents are invited to contact me for any further information, Application Forms and a Schedule of School Fees.