About the School and some of my Beliefs:

After 25 years of Pre- Primary teaching in Swaziland, the opening of my own Edu-Care Centre - following the outsourcing of the companies Pre-Schools Department has been the culmination of my dreams for pre-school education in Swaziland.

I believe that every child should grow up in a loving and caring home environment where good moral principles are nurtured, and children are taught to respect and care for their fellow men.

I lead a team of dedicated and caring facilitators, in a special place where learning and fun go hand in hand. I believe in quality hands-on learning experiences for young children. Children develop to their full potential by LEARNING THROUGH PLAY, in a stimulating environment where they can actively participate in physical, creative, social, intellectual and cognitive experiences.

My Pre-Primary School education is geared to the child aged from 2 to six. It aims to develop the WHOLE CHILD Physically, Intellectually, Socially and Emotionally to help the child develop the skills and understanding that are so necessary as a foundation and preparation for future learning, and for life itself.


Pre- Primary School education differs from Primary Schooling.

At the Edu- Care Centre the child learns through actively involving itself in the learning process by experimenting and doing things. Children are encouraged to PLAY and freely discover things for themselves. We deliberately organise experiences to enable the child to learn as they play. Young children do not learn from sitting passively and listening they need to participate and learn from their own experiences and activities.

The Edu-Care Centre follows a variety of week long Themes which encourage the child to explore the world around them.

The Pre-Primary School year is as much about learning how to socialise, as it is to learn about the world around the child. To teach children to open their eyes to the world around them is to give them a gift for life. A child's brain is like a sponge, almost effortlessly absorbing and storing information and experiences.

Education is a dynamic partnership between children, teachers and parents. We need to work together to provide the best possible foundation on which to build the childs future school career.

As English is one the universal language of business, the Edu-Care Centre is an English Medium Pre-Primary School. I feel that we need to ensure competence in this language at an early age, thus enabling the growth of future leaders in business, commerce, education and politics.