The Edu-Care Centre Welcomes Parents and Friends to 2008:

Choosing a Pre-School for your child is one of the most important decisions you can make in your childs life.

At the Edu-Care Centre in Big Bend, Swaziland, we believe that it is never too early to nurture and inspire individuals.
We pride ourselves in providing Service, Excellence, Education, and most importantly – Love.
We offer smaller classes, qualified teachers, and supervision at all times.
Our children are divided into groups according to age and ability, We enrol toddlers of 2+ in our Junior Pre-School and four to five year olds in the Kindergarten Class. Children of 5+ enjoy a structured voyage of discovery in our Grade 0, preparing them for Primary School. Grade 0 children are also taught that computers are fun!

Step through our gate and you will find a collection of tranquil and homely buildings, which resound with the sound of laughter and the activities of our pupils and staff.

In January 2008 we welcomed twenty-five new children at Pre-School, and they have all settled down happily into the school routine. Pupils returning from last year are extremely contented to be back in the school programme. We notice that during the six weeks holiday they have developed tremendously.

I have always said that we cannot work miracles at this school BUT that nothing is impossible !
During the first two weeks of this term, this saying certainly proved to be true !
We are so very proud of our two year old children who changed totally within a short span of time. Small children, who clung to parents, cried and acted miserably, have “miraculously” changed into independent little beings, who trot happily through the gates, place their Message Books on the teacher’s desk, and suitcases into lockers. Then scamper off to the toilet and then to play.
Once again, the value of a Routine and a set Time-Table cannot be over-emphasised when handling children.
I do hope that parents are enjoying this spurt of maturity in their little ones !

I trust that readers are enjoying this website and our school pages. ! will update you with school news and photos on a termly basis.
Thanks to for providing this wonderful service to schools.
Birthdays are very special occasions for small children – a time to share cake and fun with their class friends. Please view the snapshots of birthdays which have been held at school this term, and some wonderful photos of our Easter “chickens “ with their eggs.

Best wishes to you and your families
Mrs S Bradford