Grade 0 pupils are enjoying swimming tuition one afternoon a week, and extra English classes. This service is being provided by Anne and Robyn at no charge to parents. The water confidence of the swimmers group has improved tremendously!


Practices are in full swing for the End of Year Concert, Carol Service and Leavers Graduation Ceremony.

This will be held at the school on the 30 November, in or outside the upper classrooms at 10 am. The Concert comprises Music and Movement, and rehearsals are noisy and great fun ! Ensure that you book this date in your diary !


The pupils end-of-year Christmas Party will be held on Monday the 3 December. School will close for the pupils on Wednesday, 5 December.


We look forward to 2008 with anticipation and great expectations.

In addition to my usual classes I will be accepting a limited number of two year olds as part of a new class of Junior Pre-Schoolers. We will provide developmental play, stories, music and social interaction in a tranquil and caring English Medium environment.


Orders are invited for A4 size laminated School 2008 Calendars, printed with your childs photograph. The cost is E25.00.


Thank you for sharing your special child with us this year, we have LOVED every moment.

The teachers and I wish you a wonderfully family-orientated Christmas Season, filled with caring and love and laughter.


          Mrs Shirley Bradford



sharing some grade 0 ‘funnies :-

“ You only get chicken pox if you go near chickens “

“ God lives in my church “

“ Please don’t stand on the toadstools, you may kill the fairies “

“ How can sakes lay eggs ? they don’t have a bum like a chicken ! “

School opened for the Third Term on the 13 September.

It was wonderful to have the children return to school after their holidays, and to welcome three new children. Siphesihle, Pedro and Vusimuzi. All three settled down immediately into the school routine, and are very happy pupils.


Our main Themes for this term are :- Insects and Creepy Crawlies, Birds and Poultry, Fish, Reptiles and Water, Same and Different and Opposites, Colours and Numbers and Shapes, and most importantly – The Meaning of Christmas.

The Grade 0 pupils are revising the reception year programme in preparation for Primary School next year.


We are very excited to welcome Anne and Robyn, two students visiting from overseas. They are spending a year in Big Bend, assisting with needy children. I am honoured to be associated with two such caring and dedicated young people. Apart from working at The Edu-Care Centre, Sisekelo and Majombe. The Moriah Centre and various other centres for underprivileged children, they also prepare food for a soup kitchen . They are presently in the process of developing an Art Club for disadvantaged children, and making a massive effort to donors for the  equipment needed.


The Grade 0  pupils have sat their Entrance Tests for Ubombo Primary School and other Primary Schools. I am extremely pleased that ALL our Grade 0 pupils have been accepted at U.P.S. Well done  - both to the pupils and my teachers !