Educare Birthdays 2009:

Birthdays are Fun!!!

Pre-Schoolers love their birthdays ! They love to celebrate and share the day with their friends !

At The Edu-Care Centre, our children's birthdays are very special days . We share photographs of the child as a baby and compare his/her size, and abilities, with the big person that they are today.

Parents are encouraged to share in the fun, and usually bring a birthday cake, and treats, to share with classmates. ( and the good fairy brings cakes for those children whose parents may forget ! ) After singing 'Happy Birthday to you ', with the appropriate number of hip-hip-hurrahs, the child makes a wish. Of course, secrets are unknown for pre-schoolers, and we all get to hear about the child's secret wish - which ranges from a sister or brother to a car or a barbie doll.

We wish to share some 2009 birthday memories with our parents and friends.

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