Matjana Community Preschool

Kaphunga Swaziland

Matjana is a not-for-profit, community preschool in rural Swaziland

Meet the Matjana Kids

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Nomphendulo Magongo

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Name:Nomphendulo Magongo

Meaning: God replied

Favourites : Cutting and Pasting

Teachers say: Nomphendulo’s a quiet achiever. She’s good everything, but takes it all in her stride.

Sibusisiwe Dlamini

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Name:Sibusisiwe Dlamini

Meaning: We’ve been blessed

Favourites : Tracing numbers

Teachers say: We’ve been blessed this year by Sibusisiwe’s constant smiles and remarkable singing voice.

Sibongumusa Tsabedze

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Name:Sibongumusa Tsabedze

Meaning:Thanx for doing us a favour

Favourites : Playdough and Crayons

Teachers say: A future soccer star who’s rarely seen in the yard without a ball.

Nokuphila Mbonane

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Name:Nokuphila Mbonane

Meaning:Good life

Favourites : Colouring in and Singing

Teachers say: Nokuphila is a delightful kid, who takes pride in her achievements and enjoys the learning and social aspects of school.

Temalangeni Dlamini

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Name:Temalangeni Dlamini


Favourites : Colouring in and playing

Teachers say: Tema’s an incredibly capable and compassionate kid. We think of her as a future UN president or nobel prize winner.

Mayibongwe Shabangu

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Name:Mayibongwe Shabangu

Meaning:Thank god for giving this child

Favourites : Colouring in

Teachers say: Mayibongwe
is full of fun and mischief –
he is a handful
but lots of laughs!

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Matjana 2009

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2009 Begins

2009 School Committee

Matjana 2008

Improving MPS in 2008

Parents get involved in MPS Committee

Comparing 2007 and 2008

Dancing at MPS

Training Swaziland Teachers

Ministry of Education Inspection

Matjana Excursion 2008

Graduation Party 2008

Matjana 2007

The First Month

Why Kaphunga needs a preschool

Inaugural Fundraising Day

Matjana becomes Registered

Michelle gets Siswati lessons

Enrolment for 2008

Plans for A new Classroom

Chris and Corina visit Matjana

Fun Filled End to first Year

The Graduation