Matjana Community Preschool

Kaphunga Swaziland

Matjana is a not-for-profit, community preschool in rural Swaziland

Full Class enrolled at MPS for 2008

Written by Michelle Brear

Eighteen children have enrolled to attend Matjana Preschool in 2008 and a further three have put their name on a waiting list, to attend should a place become available. The school committee is impressed with the high number of enrolments and have decided to go ahead with plans to fundraise for, and build, a new, larger classroom.

High enrolment at Matjana Preschool for 2008 was expected. In 2007, the schoolís first year of operation, a full class enrolled and some students were turned away because the schoolís current facilities restrict enrolments to 18 students.

In 2007 Matjana Preschool has established a good reputation in the community. Parents know that the school is affordable, accessible and the kids enjoy coming. Attendance has been high. The children have completed the ministry of educationís preschool syllabus and developed their linguistic, mathematical, social, creative and motor skills.

So 2008 is eagerly anticipated by students, parents and teachers alike.

Three children, who attended in 2007 as 3-4year olds, are eager and enrolled to come to MPS again next year. In 2008, enrolment has been limited to children aged 4-5, those old enough to start primary school in 2009.

However Matjana Preschool has still not been able to accommodate all the children in the Ndabenl area of Kaphunga who want to go to preschool. This has led to a decision by the schoolís committee to fundraise for, and construct, a new classroom for the school.


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