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Myxos Backpacking Swaziland

Tour with Real Swazi's.

Myxos Swaziland

Do you cater for large groups?

For those who are travelling together and they donít mind sharing 2 toilets and two showers (always hot water) can go ahead and book our facilities. We can only take up to 22 people and that is including using our Private rooms which are three in total.

Where is Myxos Backpacking Located?

Please note that this place is not in the centre of Manzini but its very close to town (6 kms away). It is set in a very quiet environment which is perfect for people who like some peace but  at the same time don't  want to be totally detached from modern life and civilization.

What should we bring?

If you are staying with us please make sure that you come to Manzini well stocked up for food. Otherwise let us know in advance if we should cater for you and we will put up something very much Swazi style for you so you can taste Swaziland.
Beers- we have beers stocked up in the hostel

How can we get around?

We will take you around for a small fee to cover up Petrol and let you mix with the local people. We can give you the numbers of a local Taxi Firm that will bring you back safely.

How do we get to you?

You can get to us by taking a taxi Cell number 6343365 or 6111879.
Go down to the bus station next to KFC and ask for the bus going to Ngculwini and ask to Drop off at Gum TREE bottle store after IMPHILO CLINIC and then walk from there or drive carry on and pass the CRYSTAL guest house and look out for signs to accommodation and follow those.
Pick Ups and drop offs
Pick up from the Baz Bus from Swaziland Backpackers is R80.00 per person.
And Drop is the same as well as above.

But going into town is Free
And you make your own way back.

What if I have a query not answered here?

Send us an email. We will gladly answer any questions you have.


Box 2455 ,Manzini, Swaziland
Tel: +268 505 8363
Cell:+268 604 4102
Email: Myxos

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