Swazi Observer

23 January 2008

Pastors to spread gospel on motorbikes
By Starsky Mkhonta

EVERY Home for Christ (EHC) has donated motorcycles worth over E33 000 to pastors around the Kingdom.

EHC is an interdenominational and international organisation founded over 60 years ago in the United States of America (USA). In Swaziland, the organisation has partnered with Campus Crusade for Christ.
The presentation of the motorcycles was conducted yesterday at the Campus Crusade premises.

Campus Crusade for Christ Swaziland’s Director Dr. Reverend Cornelius Gumede, when handing the keys of the motorcycles to the 12 pastors from different denominations, noted that the work of EHC was to ensure that church leaders play their role effectively. He said with the motorcycles the beneficiaries would carry out their roles in their respective communities with much ease.

“Campus Crusade for Christ Swaziland is also thankful to the government of Swaziland for having agreed that we should be exempted when the motorbikes were cleared and have been given to the pastors without any charges,” said Dr. Rev Gumede, who singled out the ministries of finance and that of home affairs, saying they both assisted his organisation in this regard.

He said the pastors would be responsible for fuel and maintenance costs once the bikes were fully taken to their churches.

“The motorcycles are meant for going around spreading the word of God. It is now going to be more easier for the pastors to access even the most awkward of homes. We expect the pastors to take care of the bikes and they should know if they fail, we are not going to hesitate to confiscate and hand them to more serious people involved in the work of God. We mean it and these bikes are not for lazy pastors. Go out and execute your duties as expected,” Dr. Gumede warned.

Dr. Gumede also announced that a total of 100 bicycles would soon be given to all volunteers to be working closely with the pastors.

“Once the bicycles, which have also been donated by our international partners are assembled, they are going to be given to the pioneer missionaries and the latest to do this will be anytime in February.”

Present during the presentation was the EHC national director in Swaziland Pastor Joseph Gule.

Swazi Times

23 Januaryr 2008

Switch off unused appliances – SEC


MBABANE – Thousands of cellphone users last night received SOS messages from the Swaziland Electricity Company (formerly SEB) urging users of electricity to shut down their geysers and all appliances that are not in use,

The company has urged that such appliances should be shut down between 6am and 10pm. This follows the electricity crisis being faced by electricity supply company ESKOM which is currently struggling to cope with the demand resulting in possible shedding of supply to its clients in neighbouring states.

Swaziland is said to consume about 0.3 % of ESKOM’s total output.


Swaziland Electricity Company Managing Director Pius Gumbi, when called last night, explained that this was a measure aimed at assisting South Africa deal with the situation.

“The issue in South Africa should be a concern for the region. We need to work together as SADC. As much as we are not shedding, we are saying let’s reduce what we use so that we can reduce what we import from South Africa. By default we would be helping South Africa,” he said.

Gumbi said the country should not look at the problem as a South African problem then say they are failing.

The SMS message read; “SEB Emergency Notice: Kindly switch off all unused appliances and geysers daily from 6am to 10pm, by SEB/SEC.”

The messages were received after 7pm.

Meanwhile, government has assured the nation that it would do its best to ensure that the load shedding announced by ESKOM did not affect the country’s economy.