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MBABANE – SNBA could achieve a major milestone by introducing wheelchair basketball.

Wheelchair basketball is now said to be one of the major sports for people with disabilities practised globally and is recognised by the International Paralympic Committee. Mandla Shongwe, who is Swaziland National Basketball Association (SNBA) Secretary, disclosed plans by his office to launch wheelchair basketball. He said there were stakeholders eager to support the idea.

“We as SNBA have partnered with Jo Leung, a physiotherapist at Cheshire Homes, who is passionate about disability sport. This to us was an eye opener in that everyone could play the game of basketball,” said Shongwe.

“Our FIBA (International Basketball Federation) expert pledged to help Swaziland in this initiative. Equipment such as the right wheelchairs is scarce to source in the country but we are confident that we will see this type of basketball being played.”

Meanwhile, Shongwe revealed that there were plans the executive was looking to roll out but would be discussed in detail with the media in due course. “The most crucial project that we have is to bring back competitive basketball. Our league needs to be revived and with the help of our basketball teams, this will happen soon. Although we are still trying to source sponsors, we are confident that teams will step up to the plate and the league will resume,” said Shongwe.

He further pledged that SNBA would train coaches and officials and would ensure their certification by the association and then by the region.

“Our policies are a major aspect in the running of the sport. The Child Protection Policy, Anti-Doping are one of the important policies that we want the basketball fraternity and stakeholders to practise with due diligence.”

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