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MBABANE - Six rivers around the country are reportedly flooded due to the ongoing rains.

The Royal Swaziland Police service reported that three rivers around the country were flooded. This was confirmed by Chief Police Information and Communications Officer Superintendent Khulani Mamba.

Mamba said they had been alerted that two of the rivers were in Mankayane, and these were the Ngwempisi and Mthakama Rivers. He said they had also been alerted that a river near Buhleni and Herefords was also flooded.

Mamba said people should be careful when crossing flooded rivers to avoid drowning. “People should not dare cross when the water is over the bridge. They should not even try crossing the rivers with their vehicles,” he said. However, Mamba said there had been no incidences of drowning that had been reported to them.

Meanwhile, three other rivers in the Zombodze Emuva Constinuency are said to be flooded and pupils can no longer go to school. On the other hand, Ngwempisi Member of Parliament (MP) Veli Shongwe said although he had been in Parliament yesterday, he had observed in the morning that the Mawelawela River was also filling up.

He said they were busy building a bridge across that river and people should try using alternative routes when going to their homes. The Mawelawela River is where a kombi was swept away in late 2014 and 13 people were killed in the process. The MP said the Mawelawela River flowed into the Ngwempisi River, which had already been confirmed by police as being flooded.

“People should try and use alternative routes to get home to avoid a similar incident like the one that occurred at Mawelawela. Many rivers in the area are prone to floods,” MP Shongwe said said.

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