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His Majesty mourns death of Imbali

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As the kingdom mourns the death of several maidens who died on Friday, His Majesty King Mswati III has assured those affected of support through this ordeal.

The maidens were ferried in three trucks that were convoying from Mpisi Farm to Ludzidzini Royal Residence to drop them off.
However, tragedy occurred when these trucks were involved in an accident in Matsapha where an undisclosed number of the girls were flung off the trucks – with some crushed in the process.
Police have confirmed the number of maidens who lost their lives to be 13 girls. However, they had not confirmed the number of those who were rushed to different hospitals for treatment, by the time of compiling this report.
Many were speculating that due to the severity and timing of the accident, His Majesty will not officially open the Swaziland International Trade Fair yesterday.
However, to show his love for the nation and his compassion, the king braved all and addressed the gathering at the Mavuso Sports Ground.
Speaking in a sombre voice, His Majesty welcomed the guests that included the King of Ashanti in Ghana as well as other dignitaries who attended the event.
He noted that the Trade Fair coincided with other important national engagements such as the recent Butimba Hunting Expedition as well as the ongoing Umhlanga Reed Dance ceremony. His Majesty also said they were in Mbabane on Friday to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the Public Service Pensions Fund (PSPF).
The king then spoke about the unfortunate event and offered words of comfort.
“Silive sivile nalokubese kuyasivelela itolo. Noma kulitfunti nje eveni lonkhe, sinabo bonkhe labatsintsekako kulengoti; nalabo batali lokubonakala kutsi balahlekelwe, batawusitwa ngato tonkhe tindlela,” he said.
His Majesty continued, “Even those maidens who were rushed to hospital; we will make sure that they receive all the treatment, care and support they deserve. And for those who will require further treatment outside the country, they will be assisted accordingly.” The king further assured the nation that no more lives would be lost from the accident.
“We are going to take all the necessary caution to ensure that no more lives are lost and should the need arise for further treatment outside the country, that will be arranged to make sure life is preserved,” he said.
In his wisdom, His Majesty also assured parents of the maidens of the nation’s support through this unfortunate predicament.
As the king spoke of the accident, many of those attending the event were seen nodding in agreement and some marvelled at the king’s words, with punctuations of ‘Bayethe wena Waphakathi’ reverberating the arena. The people seemed to be in awe of and comforted by the king’s bravery by addressing the issue that is still raw in the hearts of those affected and the nation at large.

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