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MPISI FARM – Inkhosatana Sikhanyiso has attributed her immense stamina and strength to her father, King Mswati III, who taught her the value of exercising and eating healthy food

The princess said she neither indulged in alcohol nor smoked cigarettes, which she said were the reason maidens looked older than their actual age.
“Libhodlela liyamgugisa umuntfu lomusha (meaning alcohol ages a young person),” she said when addressing the media yesterday.
She said this when explaining why year after year she had enough stamina to lead the regiment from the camps to the wetland to cut reed at high speed. She said her secret to health was hitting the gym.
She advised Imbali not to drink, smoke or misuse their bodies by sleeping around. She said the body of an Imbali needed to glow and one way to ensure such was to keep their legs tightly crossed.
“Our parents will imagine that we are still very young because our bodies are intact,” she said with a cheeky smile. It was noted that she ran and sang while on her way to cut the reed and even on her way back she had enough strength to sing songs and run along the way while carrying a rather thick bundle of reed.
She encouraged all children to go to the gym and play games to be fit as well as avoid alcohol. She urged children to study hard and to listen to their parents.
The princess said all those who wanted to know what she meant when she talked of a well-behaved maiden should come and see her during the main reed dance.

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