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Education Minister over the moon about King’s address on top-up fees

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By Sandile Nkambule - THE SWAZI OBSERVER-08-Feb-2014

Minister for Education and Training Dr. Phineas Magagula has expressed his joy about His Majesty’s address on the issue of top-up fees at the country’s schools.

Speaking during an interview immediately after the King’s address to the nation, the minister said he had been saying this time and again during his recent visits to some of the country’s learning institutions.

“I have been talking about the issue of top-up fees now and again all what people have to do is to follow the law and nothing else,” minister Dr. Magagaula said.

He said he was over the moon that the King himself has touched on this important issue which has been confusing parents in the country. His Majesty said all Swazi children deserved access to quality education and that is in this vein that government should work with schools and parents to formulate the best funding mechanism with the objective of eliminating the top up fees that deprive children of their opportunity to benefit from it.

A number of school going children have been sent home by principals within some schools in the country due to the top up fees that have not been paid. This is despite government’s warning that they should not kick out the pupils from class.

The principals, on the other hands have been complaining that failure to the pay the top-up fees by the pupils in turn results in their institutions struggling to operate.

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