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By Kayise ‘Dazza’ Dlamini - SWAZI OBSERVER-23-Jan-2010

Isn’t Swaziland a state so marvellous

Isnít Swaziland a state so marvellous Engulfed by soothing landscapes so mountainous Glistening streams stroll within valleys Enhancing the countryside of its radiance.

Who can hinder my pride for this land? Sprawled on a carpet of finest grassland The flawless bean of Mantenga Falls Attracting every mortal beyond loom walls Isnít mine, a country so cultural armed with brilliant ceremonies so traditional

Swazi maidens blending attractively To embrace the colourful Umhlanga so lovely Who can deprive me of such magnificence Treasured by Americans and valued by whites EmaSwati clad in the splendid regalia to grace and honour the fascinating Incwala

Isnít my own a Monarchy with a purpose? King Mswati III so humble and foremost Capious wisdom from Sobhuza He inherited and to his Prince likewise, he bestowed. Who can extract me from such a worthy realm? Under a ruler adored by the whole world Goodwill from the Queen Mother, he obtained and to his princesses as well, He provided.

Arenít I a Swazi so lucky and blessed Born and raised in a land so respected Its generous people so bright and welcoming Making the land so much breathtaking To whom do I own this awesome provident Of being this stateĎs citizen.

From here there is no better place to go Itís my Kingdom, Swaziland so Priceless.

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