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Incest father arrested

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By Starsky Mkhonta - SWAZI OBSERVER-23-Jan-2010

The father of the girl who had been turned into a sex object was on Friday arrested by Gege Police

He was rounded up at about 5am while preparing to wake up. Itís said he had heard a knock from the door and thinking that it was one of the relatives, came across police officers who then explained the purpose of their unexpected visit. They informed him that he was under arrest for having sexually abused his own daughter. Looking shaken and very confused as well as not believing what he was being informed, itís said the man requested to be given time to dress up, a request he was granted.

A few minutes later, he was bundled into the back of a police van and taken to record a statement at the police station before his brief remand at Nhlangano Magistrate.

The man, who is 48 years old, made his first appearance before Magistrate Musa Nxumalo where the crown was represented by Mandla Dlamini.


He is facing rape charges which date back to 2009 until January 3, 2010. The name of the suspect is withheld to protect the rape victim, who is a minor aged 12.

When his legal rights were explained to him, he told the court that he would be conducting his own defence. He was then remanded back into custody and his next remand hearing is February 2, 2010.

Daughter infected with STIs

The 12-year-old girl from Gege who is a rape survivor under the hands of her biological father has been infected with sexually transmitted diseases, it has been established. Itís said tests have already been conducted on the little girl and results have since proven that she has been infected and exposed to HIV.

Court records state that the girl was tested and she was found to have had the infections but as to where she got these is still to be proven as the father is also yet to be taken for testing as well. Itís said the girl was raped by her father without using a condom, which, therefore, exposed her to such diseases. Also of note is that the suspect state of mind is questionable as he is somebody behaves strangely.

Reports are that he would first need to be taken to psychiatrists to have his mind tested before he could stand trial.

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Comments:Our children need to be protected !!!! Convicted sex offenders of under age children, should be castrated - without anaesthetic !

From:Make Matsenjwa - Swaziland (23-Jan-2010)

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