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Help us before we kill the baboon

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SIBOVU – Residents of this area are having sleepless nights as a result of a baboon that is wreaking havoc.

Sibovu is at Mahlangatsha located about 50 km south of Mbabane next to Mankayane.

Speaking to Swazi News on Tuesday this week, two residents of the area said the baboon attacks their dogs and later go to their fields to damage their maize. Girlie Sibandze said the baboon attacks just before midnight. “This has been going on for the past four weeks. The baboon is destroying our maize and it has been eating my grapes. Three families have so far told me of the terror caused by the baboon,” said Sibandze.


She said the baboon would fight her dogs such that it injured one in a scuffle that lasted for more than 20 minutes. Sibandze said another homestead that has been visited by the baboon is a Xaba homestead where it was alleged that the baboon left a trail of havoc as it helped itself on their maize and other fruit in their orchard.

“We regard this baboon as a naughty animal that just enjoys causing havoc. At one stage I suspected that it might be belonging to a witch but after hearing other people complaining I then dismissed that notion and I now regard it as a wild animal.


We do not have baboons in our area but there is Ntfungula Mountain which is more than 10 kilometres from here and it may happen that it fled from that mountain. Those people in charge of wildlife will have to come so that they can take it for safe keeping because people will end up killing it,” added Sibandze.

Member of Parliament for the Mahlangatsha Inkhundla, Musa Ngcobo said it was news to him that a baboon was causing havoc in the area. “I am hearing this for the first time. Maybe they are still to inform me so that we can make means of getting people in charge of wildlife to take it to a game reserve,” said Ngcobo.

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