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Welcome to the Swaziland Business Directory. You have reached your one-stop portal for doing business in Swaziland. This essential tool will aid you in connecting with buyers and suppliers in the exciting Swaziland business environment. Feel free to upload your business or browse through the businesses already listed on the site.

Doing Business in Swaziland

Welcome to Swaziland BusinessThe Kingdom of Swaziland lies between Mozambique and South Africa and forms part of the Southern African region. The capital city is Mbabane and the only other principal town is Manzini. Matsapha lies between the two major towns and hosts many of the business parks and factories. SiSwati is the official language of Swaziland, but English is widely spoken and accepted in business and commerce.

Although small, Swaziland has a very diverse and active business community. The Swazi Economy is heavily reliant on the South African economy and its active cross-border trade function occurs with South Africa and Mozambique. Many promising opportunities for doing business can be found in Swaziland.

Agriculture forms the basis of the economy with sugar, citrus and wood pulp as the main products. Subsistence agriculture employs around 60% of the population. The main export commodities include asbestos, coal, cotton, cut diamonds, minerals, paper and timber. The main import commodities include animals, automobiles, chemical products, energy and edible oils.

Tourism in Swaziland is big business with a large number of Swazi businesses supporting the industry. Diverse landscapes and rich cultural experiences offer a myriad of opportunities for visitors. Adventure enthusiasts are spoilt for choice with white water rafting, horse riding, game reserves and many water sports. For the less adventurous there are sumptuous hotels and casinos, while for the culturally inclined there are many traditional Swazi villages and events such as the Reed Dance.

The Swaziland Business Directory site aims to partner your business as an essential information portal for ‘all-things-business’ in Swaziland. Business relies on connections and communication.

Now the old adage of “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” changes to “it’s not what you know, it’s who you find on the Swaziland Business Directory!”

Swaziland Business Directory

The Swaziland Business Directory hosted by Swazilive is the information portal for connecting businesses in The Kingdom of Swaziland.

“It’s not what you know, it’s who you find on the Swaziland Business Directory!”

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